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SafePlace Corporation is a multi-disciplined applied technology firm providing innovative technical, scientific and management solutions through products and services including conformity assessment, risk/vulnerability analysis and strategic advisory services specific to the disciplines of security, fire protection, life safety and emergency management.


Conformity Assessment

Conformity assessment is the process of evaluation that verifies compliance with relevant requirements in voluntary or mandatory codes, standards and regulations.  SafePlace® proprietary conformity assessment programs and processes are based primarily on selected internationally recognized codes, standards and recommended practices and uniquely result in the uniform application of these standards of care – across the country or around the world. 


Compliance with SafePlace requirements results in SafePlace® Accreditation or Certification.  SafePlace is the only provider of Accreditation and Certification programs for facilities and locations where the safety of people is a concern.  SafePlace Accreditation demonstrates a facility’s exemplary attention to all of three technical disciplines – security, fire protection and life safety.  SafePlace Certification programs are each a unique offering, exclusive to a single discipline.


Risk/Vulnerability Analysis

SafePlace has developed a unique and powerful all-hazard risk assessment architecture known as the VAMCAP™ Vulnerability Assessment Methodology for Critical Asset Protection™.  The VAMCAP™ Architecture is an effective, easily implemented all-hazard risk analysis and mitigation process used to systematically identify, measure, mitigate and manage risks.  Use of the VAMCAP™ Architecture successfully creates purposeful direction: when you change the way you look at things – you change the things you look at™.


SafePlace uniquely offers documentation, education, program development, implementation assistance and certification with regard to VAMCAP™ Vulnerability Assessment Methodology for Critical Asset Protection™.


Strategic Advisory Services

Technical assistance, consultation, information resources, specialized training and educational services, and program development are available through the SafePlace Trusted Advisor™ program.  Customized programs and services include assistance with risk/vulnerability assessments and associated protective measures, as well as development, evaluation and delivery of standards, guidelines, security/safety policies, procedures, and standard work practices.






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