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Safety Tips for Travelers During Times of Heightened Security Alert

Before Traveling
  • Always leave a travel itinerary with someone at home, a relative or trusted friend.
  • Pack lightly due to airport security
  • Carry items that may be necessary in an emergency: water and nonperishable food; a cell phone; photocopies of passports, visas and prescriptions; a small first aid kit
Before Booking a Hotel
  • Ask what security measures are in place and review them again upon check-in.
  • Does the hotel employ 24-hour security personnel?
  • Does the hotel require proof of identification of all guests?
  • Is access to guest room floors restricted to resident guests with valid electronic key cards only?
  • Ask the hotel if they have made provisions for guest safety in the event that a lockdown situation occurs. (i.e. do they have an area of refuge stocked with food and water for guests?)
  • Have the hotel.s safety and security features been reviewed and accepted by an independent accreditor?
While Traveling
  • When in your hotel room, review safety and security information and be familiar with emergency evacuation plan.
  • At overseas airports avoid large crowds which can be potential targets of terrorism.
  • When traveling abroad know local laws and customs; practice caution.
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