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Safety Tips for Cruise Ship Travelers

Advice for Passengers

SafePlace recommends that you not be afraid to ask questions of cruise companies AND your travel agent.

  • Have the ship.s safety and security features been reviewed and accepted by an independent accreditor?
  • Does the ship have written emergency plans to ensure guest safety?
  • Are background checks performed on employees including the FBI and Terrorist lists?
  • Is the ship.s staff thoroughly trained in safety processes and procedures?
  • When you are docked are access points to the ship being guarded to prevent unauthorized boarding?
  • Does the ship employ dedicated 24-hour security personnel?
  • Is a government-issued ID required of passengers and all others whenever boarding?
  • Is state room access restricted through the use of key cards, dead bolts, etc.

Additional helpful tips to know:

  • In case of emergency, know whether to escape, go to a safe refuge or move to your designated lifeboat.
  • Know two ways out from any deck or assembly area (restaurants, theatres, night clubs, etc.).
  • Know location of and how to use personal flotation devices (life jackets).
  • In an emergency check paths for safety before proceeding - feel the door if a fire condition.
  • Crawl low under smoke.
  • In case of evacuation, do not spend time gathering up valuables - react immediately.
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