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SafePlace conformity assessment programs provide the means to reduce security and safety vulnerabilities to life and property in any public access facility.  One of the primary benefits of SafePlace recognition is to educate facility owners and the public about how prepared a facility is in case of a security or safety emergency – including a possible terrorist attack.


An investment in SafePlace today will not only help protect your business, but will also support your employees, customers and stakeholders, the community, the local economy and even the country.


Benefits of SafePlace Programs

SafePlace is the independent, objective, credible single source of information relating to security, fire protection and health/life safety matters.


By evaluating a facility’s people, processes and technology against internationally recognized codes, standards and recommended practices, the SafePlace Accreditation process provides a benchmark for companies to develop effective protection programs that enhance facility safety and security. 


SafePlace Accreditation enhances revenue and controls costs by helping:

·        Mitigate liability

·        Reduce losses

·        Provide advance knowledge of codes and standards that impact business

·        Enhance security and safety culture within an organization

·        Obtain opportunities for lower insurance premiums

·        Satisfy consumer demand for increased attention to safety and security

·        Enhance brand image

·        Achieve competitive differentiation resulting in increased market share


SafePlace Accreditation demonstrates evidence of responsible facility management and implementation of exemplary facility protection measures.

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