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SafePlace® Certification programs are each a unique offering, exclusive to a single technical discipline - security, fire protection, life safety or emergency management.

Summary Listing of SafePlace Certification Programs

Emergency Preparedness Certification ProgramTM

This program provides verification of private sector compliance with the new government-endorsed standard of care, NFPA 1600, The National Preparedness Standard.  NFPA 1600 was endorsed by the 9/11 Commission and the Secretary of Homeland Security.  In December of 2004, President Bush signed a law that recommends adoption and use of NFPA 1600.


Healthcare Facility Security Certification Program – SecureCareTM

SafePlace offers a specialized assessment of healthcare facility security and emergency preparedness measures.  SecureCare Certification establishes the standard of care for determination of healthcare facility security and readiness.


Premises Security Certification ProgramTM

SafePlace provides conformity assessment with NFPA 730, the new national standard of care for premises security of public access facilities including: hotels, academic institutions, healthcare facilities, apartment buildings, restaurant establishments, shopping centers, retail establishments, office buildings, industrial facilities, parking facilities and special events/convention centers/arenas, etc. Facilities that participate in the SafePlace Premises Security Certification Program benefit from objective, expert analysis and valuable recommendations that drive continuous improvement in matters of traditional security risks and the new world threat of terrorism.


VAMCAPTM Certification Program

This SafePlace Certification program examines application of the Vulnerability Assessment Methodology for Critical Asset ProtectionTM -- VAMCAPTM.VAMCAP is an all hazard methodology, uniquely and effectively addressing the management of multiple risk categories including matters of security/terrorism, natural disaster and/or catastrophic event preparedness and response, emergency preparedness and business continuity, fire protection, safety from injury, etc.  When properly applied, VAMCAP is a very powerful and useful risk management tool, and the core of any security/emergency management plan.


Risk Assessment Methodology Conformity Assessment ProgramTM

SafePlace offers this customized certification program for any hazard identification, risk assessment and impact analysis methodology/process.  This SafePlace third-party verification program provides conformity assessment with such methodologies/processes, insuring accurate and uniform application.

      For more information about SafePlace Certification programs please contact us at certify@safeplace.com

Requirements for SafePlace® Accreditation and Certification programs are minimum requirements based primarily upon selected internationally recognized codes, standards and recommended practices.  Compliance with SafePlace requirements does not guarantee protection of all property, information and people (employees, guests, etc.) against all claims and threats.  Participation in SafePlace programs is intended to reduce the likelihood of harm with respect to certain fire protection, security, life safety and emergency management matters, but cannot totally eliminate the possibility of such harm.


Responsible property owners and managers participate in SafePlace programs in an effort to enhance their facility safety and protection program.  Ultimately, it is the responsibility of property management to create and maintain an effective protection system.  This must be accomplished in a realistic and measurable way, to insure that their protection program effectively reduces risk.

 SafePlace®, the SafePlace Accredited and SafePlace Certified designs, SafePlace triangle logo and VAMCAP™, among others, are registered certification marks, trademarks, and/or service marks owned by SafePlace Corporation, or one of its subsidiaries/affiliates, in the United States and other countries.

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