Important Questions to Ask When Booking a Hotel

  • Regardless of property type, it is important to be sure that your hotel considers your safety to be as important as you do. Here are some sample questions to ask when booking a hotel stay.
  • Is the hotel SafePlace Accredited? If yes, you know that specific security, fire protection, health and life safety features are present and have been independently verified.
  • Are criminal background checks and drug tests performed on every employee?
  • Is every guest room equipped with smoke detectors?
  • Is the building protected throughout with an automatic fire sprinkler system?
  • Is every guestroom door equipped with keycard entry and deadbolt locks?
  • Does each guestroom door have a view port (one way .peep-hole.)?
  • Is there a well-trained security staff on site 24 hours a day?
  • Does the hotel have a safe where I can store my valuables?
  • Does the hotel have non-smoking rooms?
  • Has the hotel made provisions for the disabled?
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