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SafePlace Accreditation demonstrates a facility's exemplary attention to all of three technical disciplines – security, fire protection and life safety based primarily on the applicable provisions of selected internationally recognized codes, standards and recommended practices.  The SafePlace Accreditation process results in the uniform application of these requirements – across the country or around the world.


Only SafePlace can award SafePlace® Accreditation.


SafePlace® Accreditation Program Summary Listing by Practice Area


SafePlace Accreditation for Academic Institutions

Utilizing SafePlace Accreditation, parents and prospective students can make informed selection decisions considering the safety and security of college/university campuses.  The SafePlace certification mark and explanatory information included in prominent educational ranking guides will aid parents and college bound students in the school selection process.


SafePlace Accreditation for Places of Assembly

Terrorism strikes “soft targets” – high profile, densely populated and lightly protected public access facilities.  Through SafePlace Accreditation, owners and managers of convention centers, conference facilities, theme parks, arenas, theaters, etc. can obtain a credible and independent evaluation of their security/safety defenses and leverage public relations and promotional opportunities.


SafePlace Accreditation for Assisted Living Communities

Assisted living communities must communicate to consumers and regulators that residents receive both high quality medical care and a live in a safe environment.  SafePlace Accreditation provides competitive differentiation by demonstrating an institution’s attention to the safety and security of their residents and employees.


SafePlace Accreditation for Commercial Buildings

SafePlace Accreditation for office buildings, shopping centers, etc. provides building owners, facility managers, and tenants/occupants the ability to benchmark security/safety features against recognized “best practices”.  Communicating the effectiveness of their occupant protection measures will result in enhanced business performance and positive brand recognition.


SafePlace Accreditation for Lodging Facilities

SafePlace Accreditation identifies those hotels that do an exemplary job in their attention to guest safety and security.  Accredited facilities are afforded unique opportunities to promote their superior safety to meeting and event planners, corporate travel managers and the general public.  The SafePlace certification mark and explanatory information included in prominent lodging rating guides will provide consumers the ability to make informed purchase decisions. Safety is the new Luxury


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Requirements for SafePlace® Accreditation and Certification programs are minimum requirements based primarily upon selected internationally recognized codes, standards and recommended practices.  Compliance with SafePlace requirements does not guarantee protection of all property, information and people (employees, guests, etc.) against all claims and threats.  Participation in SafePlace programs is intended to reduce the likelihood of harm with respect to certain fire protection, security, life safety and emergency management matters, but cannot totally eliminate the possibility of such harm.


Responsible property owners and managers participate in SafePlace programs in an effort to enhance their facility safety and protection program.  Ultimately, it is the responsibility of property management to create and maintain an effective protection system.  This must be accomplished in a realistic and measurable way, to insure that their protection program effectively reduces risk.

SafePlace®, the SafePlace Accredited and SafePlace Certified designs, SafePlace triangle logo and VAMCAP™, among others, are registered certification marks, trademarks, and/or service marks owned by SafePlace Corporation, or one of its subsidiaries/affiliates, in the United States and other countries.

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