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Harris Interactive/SafePlace Survey Results Show 9 out of 10 Travelers Consider Hotel Safety A Key Factor When Deciding Where to Stay

Still, Relatively Few Travelers Research a Hotel’s Level of Security;
Many Don’t Know Where to Obtain such Information

WILMINGTON, DEL (March 06, 2002) Nearly 94% of travelers surveyed say that they consider hotel safety to be an important factor when making their lodging selections during trip planning, according to the results of a study conducted by Harris InteractiveSM, a leading worldwide market research and consulting firm, for SafePlace Corporation, an independent provider of safety accreditation of lodging, commercial, healthcare and educational facilities.

While surveyed travelers cited the importance of and need for adequate hotel safety, the study also showed that only about 1 out of 5 (22%) actually investigate a facility’s level of safety, primarily because travelers have no idea where to obtain this information. However, 93% said they would be likely to stay in a hotel that was certified as safe versus a non-certified hotel, and more than 78% would be willing to pay more for a hotel that offered this extra measure.

In selecting a hotel, 96% of women felt safety to be important. When asked about various safety features such as security (staff background checks, electronic keys); fire safety features (detectors, sprinklers); and safe food handling, water purity and air quality, almost half of women considered security items to be a more important consideration while men viewed fire safety items as the most important issue (41%). Food handling, water purity and air quality were deemed to be less of a concern, by survey respondents.

"During these times of heightened vigilance and awareness, it is clear from the survey results that consumers consider hotel security and fire safety as major issues when deciding where to stay when traveling" said John C. Fannin, President & CEO of SafePlace Corporation. "Still, less than one quarter of them actually research a hotel’s level of safety. Without an independent resource like SafePlace, many rely upon an establishment’s brand name to indicate an adequate level of safety which may, or may not, actually be the case."

SafePlace Corporation provides information for travelers concerning the security, health and life safety provisions of lodging establishments through independent accreditation of those facilities.

"For consumers, SafePlace® Accreditation of a hotel can help them make informed decisions about their lodging choices. It is an indication as to whether the lodging establishment they are considering is reasonably safe and secure through meeting certain nationally recognized standards and practices or may put them at unwarranted risk," Fannin added.

About SafePlace Corporation
SafePlace Corporation is the independent provider of safety accreditation of lodging, health care, educational, assisted living communities, commercial buildings and other occupancies where the safety of people is a concern. The requirements of SafePlace® Accreditation are primarily based upon the fire protection, security, health and life safety provisions of selected nationally recognized codes, standards and recommended practices. SafePlace® Accreditation provides the public with an independent source of information regarding the relative safety of one building or facility over others. SafePlace® Accreditation provides the owners of accredited facilities with opportunities to promote the superior safety of their facility to the general public. For more information about SafePlace Corporation visit www.safeplace.com

About Harris Interactive
Harris Interactive (Nasdaq: HPOL) is a worldwide market research and consulting firm, best known for The Harris Poll® and its pioneering use of the Internet to conduct scientifically accurate market research. Strengthened by its recent merger with Total Research Corporation, the Company now combines the power of technology with international expertise in predictive, custom, and strategic research. Headquartered in the United States, with offices in the United Kingdom, Japan and a global network of local market and opinion research firms, the Company conducts international research with fluency in multiple languages. For more information about Harris Interactive, visit www.harrisinteractive.com.

* SAFEPLACE® and the SAFEPLACE® ACCREDITED design are registered certification marks owned by SafePlace Corporation and identify accredited occupancies which comply with SafePlace Corporation's fire protection, security, health and life safety criteria.

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